corny but so romantic jestures or things done together

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What are some examples of corny, cheesy, but so romantic (to you anyway) jestures that your partner has done or that you two have done together?
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  • When my love was in the hospital waiting for laser surgery, she had her friend get a card and bring it to the hospital so she could sign it. Then on my birthday while she was still in a coma, her friend sent me a .jpg of the card. It had a big bear on it hugging an envelop. The card said, "This card holds my love for you." My love had written in it, "Please don't forget me" and then she had signed it.

    There were tears in my eyes when I saw it...
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      An ex wrote a song for and about me. Sooo corny and sappy. I fucking loved it. Same ex

      was in california laying some bass tracks for a friends band. He was out there for a month

      or so and had gotten sick. I surprised him and flew out for the weekend "to nurse him

      back to good health". You couldn't smack the smile of his face.
  • See? that's the problem with dating an engineer.. He's very practical. Unfortunately, according to him, romantic gestures are not.
    • I'm an engineer...

      there is, however, a place for the practical as well as a place for that which is extremely impractical...

      While I would not wish to fly on a jet that was not made to the highest standards of engineering, there is nothing rational or practical about my love for my lady or for the lady that I lost to a brain tumor...

      tell your engineer, that there is room for both in this complex and mysterious world...
    • So I told my partner that a romantic overture would not go unappreciated this week (for Valentine's Day)...

      He actually told me that maybe I should still be dating artists and musicians if I'm so interested in that sort of thing... seriously...
      • I feel yah...

        Tue, February 17, 2009 - 9:56 AM
        Having dated both engineers and physicists, I feel your pain.

        I understand that they have a love for efficiency and simple elegance. I have dated however a couple of them who didn't hide in the discipline in fear of the complexity of romance. Sometimes it just takes a little coaxing. One guy wasn't a romantic until I set up a romantic night for him. After a string of very stressful days at work, I had dinner ready for him, drew a bath and gave him a 1 hour massage and then tucked him into bed. He was so appreciative that he kept thanking me for a while after that. It also inspired him to return the favor when I was having an especially stressful time with a professor. He left but minutes after I came home from a really hard day and he spent the whole day looking for just the right video game for me to blow off some steam.

        It might not sem so romantic, but I am geeky enough that this was great to me. He wasn't a super cook, but he really put his heart into what he was cooking so I loved it. Really, it was the spirit of his intent that was important. If they have no intent whatsoever and are happy to remain in that place, it isn't about being an engineer, it's about not having the intent to do anything nice for their partner/S.O..

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